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Record keeping

RTLB interventions

Cluster managers ensure RTLB gather and record evidence that demonstrates the effectiveness of their interventions and improved outcomes for students.

RTLB collect and record data and information during involvement with individual students, groups of students, and schools. They use the data to analyse their interventions and to improve their practice.

Data collection system

RTLB use the cluster’s data collection system for recording case work and service outcomes.

Cluster managers ensure that the data collection system gathers the specific data required by the Ministry and that it meets the necessary privacy and security standards.

Cluster managers ensure that the required data detailed in RTLB cluster data and Ministry of Education data requirements is available for the Ministry to extract on the reporting dates specified in the document.

Case file disposal

The lead school board of trustees is responsible for the provision of RTLB services for the cluster.  Thus, case file records are the responsibility of the board of trustees of the lead school.

RTLB records fall under the auspices of the Schools Retention and Disposal Schedule as “Student progress records (1.5)”.

The disposal action for this class of records: “Keep for as long as the school needs them for school business or reference purposes, then they may be destroyed with the permission of the board of trustees.”

For more information on privacy considerations, refer to Section 6 of the Privacy Act 1993.

School Records Retention and Disposal Information Pack (2016)
Fact sheet that outlines key information for record-keeping. It outlines the benefits of the School Records Retention/Disposal Schedule and the schools’ responsibilities for retaining and disposing of school records.

Access to ENROL

An RTLB role is available on ENROL, allowing cluster managers to search for a student’s NSN when needed.

This role can be found on the EPA screen, an online application where schools request access to Ministry of Education applications such as ENROL for their staff.

RTLB managers who would like access to ENROL will need to ask their host school’s EPA authoriser (generally school administrator or principal) to request it for them via the EPA portal.

Once the Ministry Service Desk receives the request they will forward it to the MoE Principal Advisor, RTLB for approval.

Please note: Use ENROL only for its intended purposes. For cluster manager users, this means find the National Student Number (NSN) of students are receiving or about to receive RTLB support.

To find a student’s NSN, enter their name and date of birth into the Find a Student tab of ENROL.

ENROL displays a list of records found that match the details you entered.

Copy and paste the NSN.

If you are unsure which record is the one you need, double-click on the NSN to find more details about the student, including which school they are currently attending.

Cluster operations

Cluster managers maintain a cluster operational document, detailing cluster policies, processes, and systems.

The document is updated in response to lead school and cluster changes and developments.


Content last updated: March 2018