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Cluster needs analysis

The cluster needs analysis is a starting point for cluster planning.

Every cluster plans annually to meet the learning and behaviour needs of students in all cluster schools/kura.


  • The cluster manager leads this process.
  • The cluster manager facilitates data collection.
  • All RTLB are involved.
  • Cluster schools and kura stakeholder groups have input.
  • Iwi and relevant agencies contribute.
  • The local Ministry Learning Support office provides relevant data, information, and guidance.
Essential elements of a cluster needs analysis include:
  • organisational infrastructure, processes, and systems
  • service development
  • relationship development
  • development of data and information gathering for planning and reporting
  • what evidence will be used to inform future needs and direction. 
Essential information to collate and analyse includes:
  • request for support trends and patterns
  • student demographics in cluster schools, kura, for example, Māori, Pacific, secondary
  • national and local education priorities
  • areas of RTLB specialist knowledge and skills
  • the impact of RTLB interventions on student outcomes
  • emerging needs in cluster schools, kura in relation to students requiring additional support to learn and achieve
  • aspirations of other key stakeholder groups, including iwi and Pacific. 

Content last updated: March 2018