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RTLB Funding Agreement

In the final year of the Funding Agreement (FA) term, there will be a review of the Agreement including the services provided.

The purpose of the review is for lead schools and the Ministry to learn from each other and give each other feedback. The review also ensures service provision continues to align with Education priorities.

The review is an opportunity to update the Board with any new Ministry and government directions. 

The review process

First, the Ministry will seek written confirmation of boards’ intention to continue in the role of RTLB Lead School in advance of the Funding Agreement coming to term.

Then, the Ministry will draft a new Funding Agreement in collaboration with the RTLB Lead School Principals’ Executive and board of trustees representatives using the existing Agreement as a basis for discussion in tandem with new Ministry and government directions.

After that, once approved by the Deputy Secretary Sector Enablement and Support, new Funding Agreements will be distributed to boards for their sign off.


Schedule B, Parts One and Two may be varied by the Ministry by 27 January each year over the term of the Agreement to reflect any changes in resourcing, funding, policy or capacity.


Content last updated: March 2018