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Performance management

Performance management involves the development and implementation of policies and procedures to ensure that RTLB can provide services which effectively meet the needs of schools and students consistent with the goals and objectives in the cluster’s annual and strategic plans.

The cluster manager ensures there is an appropriate performance management system in place including clear policies and procedures in relation to staff conduct and competency; an appraisal process that fulfils the statutory requirements for renewal of teacher practising certificates; support processes for RTLB including professional learning and development; and succession planning.  

Aspects may be delegated to the practice leader(s).

An effective performance management system should encompass many personnel management activities.  These would include:
  • the recruitment and retention of staff;
  • the selection and appointment of staff;
  • those clauses of collective and individual employment contracts which relate to the performance management of staff;
  • the statutory requirements for registration;
  • the appraisal and assessment of staff;
  • the professional development and succession planning;
  • practitioner supervision;
  • performance supervision;
  • remuneration management;
  • the discipline and dismissal of staff.

The board is responsible for ensuring that the cluster manager and each RTLB participate in the performance management process.  Effective performance management ensures that the RTLB:

  • know what is expected of them
  • are supported to achieve the agreed expectations
  • are monitored and assessed on their performance
  • can develop their skills.

Visit the Ministry website for more information on Performance Management.  


Content last updated: March 2018