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Conduct, competence & leaving the service

Conduct and Competence

As employers of RTLB, Boards must know and understand their responsibility for child safety and employment, and the requirements for mandatory reporting to the Teachers Council, when this needs to occur and the process for reporting. 

Boards must be well prepared for their role and be prepared to use external support in employment matters to ensure that correct processes are followed.  Employers, and those advising them, need to put the safety of students first by meticulously complying with the legislation. 

The mandatory reporting requirements can be found on the Education Council website at this link: Reporting a Concern

Visit the Ministry website for more information on Mandatory reporting to the New Zealand Teachers Council.

Issues within the service

Difficulties between RTLB, or between RTLB and other key stakeholders, are initially managed by a practice leader in a problem-solving manner. 

The cluster manager or principal/tumuaki may be involved if issues are unresolved.

Leaving the service

The lead school/kura principal/tumuaki has responsibility for managing the exit process when an RTLB, for whatever reason, leaves the service.


Content last updated: March 2018