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Travel costs

Travel reimbursement

Lead Schools reimburse RTLB for any own-car, work-related travel from the RTLB Travel Grant funding.

RTLB are not reimbursed for travel from home to normal office/base or vice versa. 

When boards reimburse own-car travel, they use the motor vehicle rate specified in the relevant teachers’ collective agreements. Collective agreements are "actual rate" documents in terms of Section 75 of the State Sector Act 1988. 

The rates are intended to cover all vehicle running costs such as car insurance, registration, warrants of fitness and servicing.

Leasing or purchasing vehicles

Clusters may lease or purchase vehicles to reduce the wear and tear on personal vehicles or to make the most efficient use of funding. 

Private use of lease or cluster-owned vehicles may generate fringe benefit tax.

The lead school must manage tax liabilities where lease or cluster-owned vehicles are used for non-work purposes.

Managing school finances 
Resources, templates, and financial guidance to support the governance of school finances and financial reporting

You can download a PDF of Financial Information for Schools Handbook and Model financial policies.

Insurance for private cars used for cluster work

Clusters should note some insurance companies will not accept claims under personal insurance policies where the car is being used as a "tool of trade".

RTLB should be advised to insure private vehicles so that they are covered in the event of an accident during the course of their work as an RTLB. 


Content last updated: March 2018