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RTLB laptops

The Ministry expects that every RTLB will have a laptop through the “Laptops for Teachers” scheme (known as TELA + digital devices). This includes each of the two RTLB in a job-share arrangement. Fixed Term contract staff are not eligible for the subsidy.

TELA+ digital devices for teachers and principals
Digital device leasing scheme for eligible teaching staff

Key features of the Scheme
  • Leases are on a three year lease-to-return arrangement.
  • Laptops are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for the duration of their lease.
  • Subsidised laptops are covered under the Ministry’s Indemnity Scheme for accidental damage, loss, and theft.
  • Laptops supplied come with standard Microsoft software and antivirus software.
  • There is a helpdesk and portal to support schools that use the scheme.
How to place an order

TELA+ portal
Place orders here. The link will take you to a login screen where you enter your email and password to log in. 

To place an order, you need to be set up as the school administrator. You can check to see if you are the administrator by clicking on “Manage Users”, or contacting the TELA+ helpdesk.

If you want to be able to easily identify laptops that are on lease to an RTLB teacher under your school cluster, please ensure you raise an order for the RTLB teacher(s) in the morning, and then order any further laptops for school teachers in the afternoon.

This will ensure that the lease schedules generated are different.

Key contact points
TELA+ Helpdesk number (8:30am to 5:00pm) 0800 438 468 
Email enquiries support@tela.co.nz 
Website for TELA+ portal and recent notices www.tela.co.nz

Ministry of Education Library services

RTLBs can join the Ministry of Education Library as self-service members.

You can use the Education Library website to:

  • find articles and reports using OneSearch and article databases
  • find books using the library catalogue
  • sign up to alerts for new research and information
  • access your library account, for example, to renew books.

Ministry of Education Library


Content last updated: September 2021