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Requesting additional funding

Operational funding components
Information about operational funding components and how they are calculated

This is useful for boards and principals wanting to understand how the operational funding grant is calculated.

Additional funding for heating, lighting, and water

In exceptional circumstances, host schools can apply for a review of their heat, light, and water funding costs.

Heat, light, and water funding
Find out what heat, light, and water funding covers

Additional travel funding

Clusters can apply to the Resourcing Division of the Ministry of Education for an increase in their travel grant if the cluster exceeds (or predicts it will exceed) its RTLB travel funding entitlement.

Applications must be made on the Resource Teacher Travel Grant Application form.

Attach to the application these documents.

  • A letter from the Lead Kura/School requesting the change.
  • A copy of the cluster's travel policy. The cluster must provide proof that it is making the most efficient use of the funding it has, including whether or not leased or rental vehicles are being used, and the per-kilometre rate paid to individual teachers.
  • Evidence of the travel expenditure (GST inclusive) for the previous year and current year to date for each RTLB position in the cluster.
  • A map showing the location of the cluster's kura/schools.

Attached teacher staffing and funding
Provides information about entitlements, allocation, funding, administration grants, and travel grants

You can also find out what funding and staffing you will receive for attached teachers.

The Ministry will determine if one or more of the following applies before allocating more travel funding.

  • The cluster has exceeded (or predicts it will exceed) the total cluster RTLB annual travel grant and has already used any unexpended travel grants from the previous year(s).
  • The special training grant and cluster travel grant together prove insufficient to meet costs associated with the mandatory university study course for RTLB in training.

Content last updated: March 2018