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Practice leader

A practice leader is an RTLB who has additional delegated leadership responsibilities within a cluster. As a practising RTLB, a practice leader must be a New Zealand fully-registered kaiako/teacher with a current practising certificate. As practice leader responsibilities attract one or more leadership payments of $2,000.00, vacant positions should be advertised.


A practice leader is responsible for leadership, guidance and support of RTLB in their professional practice, under the direction of the cluster manager. A practice leader supports the decisions of the RTLB strategic leadership and management team (principal and cluster manager). Practice leaders work closely with their cluster manager and support them in their day-to-day management of the cluster.

Leading and supervising quality practice
  • Ensure that RTLB practice preserves the intent of the RTLB Professional Practice Toolkit.
  • In collaboration with the cluster manager, ensure RTLB have the necessary resources to carry out their work.
  • Support reflective practice processes in the team; develop and maintain communities of practice or project work that aligns with cluster strategic goals.
  • Foster a commitment to evidence-based practice and service provision.
  • Ensure that RTLB deliver a culturally appropriate and responsive service by supporting culturally competent practice through, for example Tātaiako: cultural competences for teachers of Māori learners.
  • In collaboration with the cluster manager, ensure RTLB receive professional learning and development that supports RTLB appraisal goals and that aligns with the cluster strategic plan.
  • Support the cluster manager in leading RTLB professional development and performance appraisal processes.
  • Provide professional support to RTLB including mentoring and coaching as necessary.
  • Provide performance supervision of RTLB.
  • Facilitate induction for RTLB new to the team.
  • Support RTLB in training to attain the RTLB qualification within the specified time, and provide mentoring and/or supervision during the training period.
  • Provide the cluster manager with regular data on service outputs and outcomes to meet Ministry reporting requirements
Professional relationships
  • Support the lead school’s governance and management policies. 
  • Provide open and reciprocal communication within the RTLB team and cluster schools/kura and Kāhui Ako.
  • Develop and maintain effective, professional and trusting relationships within the RTLB team.
  • Ensure all RTLB provide consistent information on the RTLB service and the Ministry’s Learning Support service to cluster Kāhui Ako, schools, communities, parents/whānau, and agencies.

Content last updated: March 2018