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On appointment, the cluster manager allocates time for induction.

This process will take place within one or two months of the RTLB taking up the position and prior to the appointee taking sole responsibility for casework. 

Induction includes familiarisation with the cluster needs analysis and annual and strategic plans.  

The cluster’s operational document will contain an induction section detailing the process. 


The lead school, kura board ensures an induction process is in place for appointees. 

The cluster manager, responsible for implementing the induction process, may delegate tasks to the practice leaders. For example, practice leaders could deliver the induction, professional development, and performance appraisal processes. 

However, the responsibility for successful outcomes remains with the cluster manager. 

Practice leaders may also provide supervision, coaching, and mentoring for new appointees.

When the RTLB is new to the RTLB role:  

Induction activities for new team members should include:

introducing them to the cluster’s schools, kura, regional Ministry Learning Support Service Manager(s), iwi and local support agencies

familiarising them with RTLB guidelines and processes, for example record keeping requirements

providing them with:

  • information about the RTLB role, He Pikorua and the principles of practice
  • opportunities to co-work cases with an experienced RTLB
  • access to an academic mentor (a practice leader or an experienced RTLB), to support them during training
  • ongoing coaching and supervision. 

When the RTLB is from another cluster: 

Induction activities could include introducing them to the cluster’s schools, kura, regional Ministry Learning Support Service Managers, iwi, and local social agencies.

You could also provide time to read, discuss, and learn about the cluster. Be sure to cover cluster policies, procedures, and systems.

Give them opportunities to share the their experience of best practice from their previous cluster.