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The RTLB service

The national RTLB service works together with teachers and schools to support the achievement of students in Years 1-10 who have learning and/or behaviour difficulties. Support may go beyond the individual student and also benefit the teacher, whole class, groups of students and/or the whole school. RTLB have a particular focus on supporting Māori students, Pasifika students and children and young people moving into State care. 

There are 40 RTLB clusters nationally, from the Far North to Southland. Each cluster has a lead school, lead school principal and a cluster manager. Each cluster also has a team of RTLB, specialist itinerant kaiako/teachers.

RTLB Lead Kura/School and host school

To help ensure a cohesive and consistent approach to service provision, each of the 40 clusters has a lead kura/school. A lead kura/school is the fund holder and its Board of Trustees (BoT) is the sole employer for cluster managers, practice leaders, and RTLB in a cluster.

Although all RTLB in one cluster will be employed by the lead kura/school's BoT, they may be located at other schools in the cluster area. The schools where RTLB are located, but not employed, are host schools.

For more information, visit Governance and Management.

'At a Glance' Information about the National RTLB service

Read the information sheet for Principals about the RTLB service.

Principals Information about the National RTLB service (PDF, 449 KB)

RTLB Cluster Organisation

RTLB are specialist itinerant kaiako/teachers who provide learning and behaviour support to a cluster of kura/schools.

Read about how the service is organised.

RTLB Timeline

Read about the RTLB Timeline from 1989.

RTLB Timeline (PDF, 279 KB)

Special Education Online

Special Education Online (SEOnline) is a site for school and early childhood educators of children or young people with special education needs. As part of a service, the site includes information about 'Educator tools' and 'Programmes and initiatives'.