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The lead kura/school board receives public funds for the purpose of providing the RTLB service to cluster kura/schools.

RTLB funds provided by the Ministry are GST inclusive, the same as other school operational grant funding.



Income rates

Operating funding Administration Calculated at a Ministry-determined rate per RTLB position per year.
Lead School Calculated as a percentage of the Administration Grant.
Travel Calculated at a Ministry-determined rate based on cluster schools' Year 1-10 rolls, Māori and Pasifika rolls, deciles, isolation, and distance from lead school to the Ministry's Regional office.
Student support funding Learning Support Fund Calculated at a Ministry-determined rate base on Year 1-10 rolls.
Year 11-13 Calculated at a Ministry-determined rate base on Year 11-13 rolls.
One-off funding Furniture & Equipment Entitlement to furnish and equip new RTLB space.
Study Award As determined by the Ministry's Study Awards scheme.


RTLB funds must be used for the purpose for which they are granted.

There is no restriction moving funding from Travel, Administration and Lead School grants to another RTLB grant category. Operational funding can be moved to student support funding, but not vice versa. Any movement of funding from one grant to another must be clearly accounted for in the RTLB Annual Financial Report.




Operational funding Travel

For vehicle leases; travel reimbursements for RTLB; cluster manager and lead school principal travel while on RTLB service work.

Note In accordance with the relevant collective agreements. 

Administration For example: internet access; telephone and fax lines; laptops leases; mobile phones; photocopying; stationery; consumables; resources; RTLB professional development; supervision; administration and finance support (personnel); accommodation and host school costs.
Lead School

To recognise the additional work lead schools do supporting the RTLB service on behalf of other schools. 

For example: Ministry-approved principal concurrance; additional 3R payments; additional leadership payments.                                          

Note In accordance with the relevant collective agreements.    

Student support funding Learning Support Fund (LSF)

Supports RTLB case work, targeting students in Years 1-10 in accordance with the LSF Guidelines.

LSF Guidelines (PDF, 84 KB)

Year 11-13

Supports students in Years 11-13 who require additional support for learning and behaviour in accordance with the Year 11-13 Funding Guidelines.

Year 11-13 Funding Guidelines (PDF, 70 KB)

One-off funding Furniture and Equipment Grant New RTLB space generates a furniture, fittings and equipment funding entitlement (FF & E) to furnish and equip the new space.
Study Award Supports RTLB in training and meets the study-related travel and accommodation expenses incurred during the year.

Content last updated: March 2017