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Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L)

The Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) Action Plan is an initiative supported by various educational organisations and led by the Ministry of Education. It provides programmes for parents, teachers, and schools throughout New Zealand to address problem behaviour in children and young people.

The plan represents a shift in addressing problem behaviour on the basis of a recognition that:

  • positive behaviour can be learnt
  • behaviour issues are wider than the student
  • long-term change does not occur through punitive or exclusion techniques
  • there are no quick fixes.

RTLB support the implementation of programmes from this initiative as it uses programmes and frameworks that have been proven to work for schools, students, teachers, and parents.

PB4L programmes

RTLB may be involved in the following PB4L programmes. 

The Incredible Years (IY) for teachers programme:
  • this provides strategies for addressing disruptive behaviour in children aged three to eight years old
  • the focus is on building a positive classroom environment and positive relationships.
The School-Wide Framework:
  • the website and toolkit will assist schools review and improve their school climates, identifying ways of building a safe and caring school climate that will reduce antisocial behaviours
  • visit www.wellbeingatschool.org.nz/
  • a website with best evidence, common practices, practical tips, and tools relating to child behaviour
  • visit http://pb4l.tki.org.nz/

For more information, visit Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L).