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Gateway Assessments

Child, Youth and Family, and the Ministries of Education and Health developed the Gateway Assessment process to support children and young people entering care, already in care, or at risk of coming into Child, Youth and Family care. It provides a ‘gateway’ assessment to collect clear, detailed information about the child/young persons health, educational, social and emotional needs. This means the appropriate agency can take the necessary action promptly.

Gateway assessments will:

  • identify health, education, and care needs of the child
  • clarify any family needs that may impact the child
  • facilitate access to appropriate services to address needs
  • assist children and young people to adopt healthy behaviours
  • provide support to the family to ensure they can assist the child or young person
  • collate a health and education history of the child or young person.

The RTLB role

The cluster manager receives the Education Profile from Child, Youth and Family for school age children and young people entering care.  This is a priority so the cluster manager immediately allocates the Gateway Assessment to an RTLB.

RTLB are key members of the Gateway Assessment team. The RTLB role is to:

  • within four days of receiving the referral, facilitate meetings with the tumuaki/principal, social worker, the caregiver, the kaiako/teacher, and if appropriate, Ministry of Education Special Education to gather information to inform the completion of an Education Profile
  • develop a plan to address the immediate education needs for the first month
  • work with the kaiako/teacher
  • assist with the child or young person’s settling in process
  • complete the Education Profile and send it to the Child, Youth and Family social worker and the Gateway Assessment Coordinator within seven days of referral
  • provide any specialist input needed, for example, education assessments
  • communicate and liaise with inter-agency personnel involved in the case
  • provide further intervention after the first month, according to the needs that have been identified.

Gateway Guide for Education Professionals

Gateway Guide for Education Professionals (November 2015) (PDF, 798 KB)