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Cluster planning

Cluster planning and reporting cycle

Cluster needs analysis

A needs analysis should identify:

  • the cluster needs based on
    • organisational infrastructure, processes and systems
    • service development
    • relationship development
    • development of data and information gathering for planning and reporting
  • what evidence will be used to inform future needs and directions.

This is led by the cluster manager and involves all RTLB, kura/schools, and cluster stakeholder groups.

Strategic plan

The strategic plan should be an overall plan that has a three-year cycle. It should identify:

  • cluster vision
  • cluster context e.g. demographics, geography
  • key issues
    • how these will be addressed and prioritised
    • barriers
    • opportunities
  • cluster projections
    • direction
    • desired outcomes
  • cluster infrastructure
  • service development e.g. professional development plan
  • relationship development.

Action plan 

The action plan should be an annual plan to implement the strategic plan. It should identify:

  • the top five prioritised key issues
    • what will be done to address them
    • who will address them
    • timeframes
    • risk management
  • the responsibilities of RTLB
  • specialisation focus
    • professional development – who, what, how.

Cluster review

The cluster review includes both a cluster review and an external review. These reviews consider evidence of what has worked or not, whether outcomes have been met and any barriers. It also identifies trends and future needs. The areas that are considered are:

  • reflection on governance, management and practice
  • review of systems, policies, processes and protocols of the cluster
  • review of strategic plan goals.

The following year’s action plan should be developed on the basis of the reflection and review outcomes. The strategic plan may need to be adjusted in light of this review.


For information on reporting, go to Cluster reporting.

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